Invited Speaker – Dr. Joshua Einsle

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Joshua Einsle, a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Imperial College London has accepted our invitation to be an invited speaker at IONS Exeter.

His talk will be titled “Nanomagnetic properties of the cloudy zone: a Fe-Ni alloy alternative to rare-earth permanent magnets“.

Joshua’s research focuses on understanding the relationship between paleomagnetic measurements and the underlying nanoscale magnetic signal carriers.  In order to model and discuss the stability of magnetic signals through time one needs to fully characterise the chemical and crystallographic environment that a sample exists in.  He applies a variety of electron microscopy techniques (Focused Ion Beam Tomography, EDS STEM tomography, Holography, and Scanning Precession Electron Diffraction) combined with other techniques from materials science such as atom probe tomography and x-ray computed tomography. By combining these multiscale approaches he bridges length and dimensional gaps in the understanding of macroscopic magnetic measurements.