Confirmed Speakers


Prof. Síle Nic Chormaic, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (Japan), “Ultrathin Optical Fibre Applications from Atomic Physics through Quantum Optics”.

Prof. Francesca Palombo, University of Exeter (UK), “Tissue biomechanics detected at high excitation frequencies”.


Prof. Volodymyr Kruglyak, University of Exeter (UK), “Ultrafast response of thin metallic magnetic films to optical excitation: Magnonics, magneto-acoustics or optics?”.

Dr. Rachel Won, Nature Photonics, “Writing and submitting scientific papers”.

Dr. Jessica Boland, University of Manchester (UK), “Terahertz lights up the nanoscale: exposing the optoelectronic properties of novel quantum materials for device application”.

Dr. Charlotte Cochard, Queen’s University Belfast (UK), “Novel functionalities in ferroic domain walls”.

Dr. Joshua Einsle, Imperial College London (UK), “Nanomagnetic properties of the cloudy zone: a Fe-Ni alloy alternative to rare-earth permanent magnets”.

Dr. James O’Keeffe, Newcastle University (UK), “From mantis to machine: A new bio-inspired algorithm for machine stereopsis”.