Social Activities

All registered attendees will be invited to the conference dinner free of charge, on Wednesday 10th of July. The dinner will be followed by music and dancing for those who are so inclined.

Conference attendees will have the chance to participate in an exciting trip by steam train on Friday 12th of July, after the close of the technical sessions.

This activity is organised to conclude the IONS conference in Exeter. During this trip, the attendees will visit some of the many natural attractions in Devon. Particularly, they will experience a wonderful way to travel, in one of the last traditional steam trains in the United Kingdom. The journey will start in nearby Paignton and finish in the historic city of Dartmouth. Here, people can enjoy the landscape, bay, castle and possibly try the famous Devon cream tea. We will then return to Exeter at the end of the day.

Service will be provided by The Dartmouth Steam Railway and River Boat Company

On the morning of Friday 12th of July, an outreach session will be held in Paignton before the social activity. This outreach session will be like no other – we will be going outdoors to meet the public on the beach. In groups, you will have to use all your scientific and social skills to explain to the general public light phenomena that we find in nature like mirages, rainbows, red sunsets, etc. You will need to use whatever you can find in the area to do so. Upload your sessions to your Instagram Stories and complete challenges that we set for you to win points and win prizes in this outreach session contest! More information about the event will be given at the conference. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen!