Invited Speaker – Dr. James O’Keeffe

We are delighted to announce that Dr. James O’Keeffe, a post-doctoral researcher in the group of Jenny Read, a Professor of Vision Science at the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University.

His talk will be titled “From mantis to machine: A new bio-inspired algorithm for machine stereopsis“.

James’ current work involves investigating new methods for machine stereopsis. It aims to understand 3D vision (stereopsis) in the praying mantis, the only invertebrate known to have this ability, and compare it with 3D vision in humans and in machines. This will shed new light on the constraints governing 3D vision, how 3D vision evolved, and how we can engineer efficient 3D vision ourselves. He has previously worked on evolving immune systems for swarm robots at the University of York and autonomous unmanned air systems at Qinetiq.

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